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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment of medlar extraction separation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-20
Chinese wolfberry as the solanaceae medlar, branching shrub, about 80 kinds. Most kinds of distribution in the americas, including the most species in South America. About ten kinds of Eurasia, are mainly distributed in central Asia most types. There are 7 species and 3 varieties in our country, most distributed in the northwest and north China, which in the ningxia wolfberry is most famous. In order to make full use of the resources, Chinese medicine extract experts at home and abroad research using traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment of medlar extraction separation, and get better achievement.
science research in China, points out that Chinese wolfberry extract could significantly make the elderly 8 indicators to reverse aging in the blood; Has the effect of anti-aging and fatigue resistance, can improve the ability of DNA repair after injury; Can significantly increase the conversion rate of human blood cell and lymphocyte and macrophage phagocytosis rate, can make the tumor patients is not interrupted by the to reduce the number of white blood cells radiation therapy, etc. So the proportion of Chinese medicine extraction equipment of medlar extraction separation is more and more big.
Chinese wolfberry extract in addition to the medicinal, medlar can also be processed into all kinds of nutritious food. Especially to Chinese wolfberry quality best. Zhongning wolfberry dried peel book pure taste sweet without an indication, red or purple fruit, fruit or oval, flat, long areola, white fruit body apex with small, pointed, the package does not agglomerate. Ningxia people often will medlar, barley, naked oats, Perilla, beef made 'spicy Fried noodles'; Chinese wolfberry is given priority to boil into 'rice pudding'; Chinese wolfberry as fillings made of pastries, etc.
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