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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract fructus schisandrae

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Extraction process of fructus schisandrae simple use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment as follows: take medicine with water, filtering, liquid - with 80% ethanol extraction, filtration and the filtrate with alcohol and water precipitation and precipitation, extraction and concentration of ethanol in the gasoline with 80% ethanol and crystallization. In post-processing stage, the use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract fructus schisandrae can achieve rapid extraction and separation of two phase, laid a solid foundation for industrial application.
schizandra drugs, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) convergence but nearly 20 years of clinical observation, fruit of Chinese magnoliavine has a good therapeutic effect for hepatitis. ( l) Fructus schisandrae high serum Alt in patients with hepatitis b have significant fall enzyme action. Its mechanism is inhibition of enzymatic synthesis of liver cell, no obvious effect on normal liver, with damage of liver more inhibit the activity of the enzyme. ( 2) To improve the general symptoms, such as loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, etc. Protect the liver and promote liver cells regeneration, strengthen the liver detoxification function and enhance adrenocortical function, so that the liver functional recovery.
in the 70 s China first set up the liver biochemical pharmacology research, look to Chinese herbal medicine, successively for traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment extracting fructus schisandrae, ganoderma lucidum, yellow skin, four hydrogen huang2 lian2 alkali resistance to study pharmacological action of liver cell damage. Source:
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