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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract radix scutellariae labiatae plants

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Radix scutellariae radix scutellariae labiatae plants, dry root, scutellaria baicalensis extract for the dry extract of radix light yellow powder; Micro, bitter taste. Can be used in medicine, also can be used in cosmetics, is a kind of very good functional hairdressing cosmetic raw materials.
Chinese medicine extraction equipment scutellaria baicalensis extract labiatae plants process introduced
Chinese medicine extraction equipment extracted scutellaria labiatae plants. With ethanol as the extraction agent, the shattering of labiatae said take a certain amount, dry plant scutellaria root, get soaking liquid, using the centrifugal force effect of the centrifugal extraction machine for mixing and mass transfer process, the runtime raw material liquid and extraction agent from their inlet into the bottom of the machine, the high-speed rotating drum, two phase liquid into the complex vortex and turbulence state, full mixing and mass transfer. Then, in the rotating drum and fixed at the bottom of the form under the action of self-priming pump, impeller, the mixture after entering the drum drum at the bottom of the center hole inside; In block flow plate under the action of mixed liquid into the state of high speed rotating, dense phase, moving towards the drum wall, while the density of small to the central axis direction, after the separation of two phase out their discharging mouth finally, complete the mass transfer and phase separation process.
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