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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract rutaceae plant cortex dictamni

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
Cortex dictamni rutaceae perennial herbaceous plants dasycarpus and narrow Ye Bai fresh root bark. The alias: white moss skin, cows, sheep, mountain peony grass for public. In the bushes and forest, the slope of the mountain slope. Agriculture is in liaoning, hebei, sichuan, jiangsu and other places.
perennial herbaceous, base woody, up to 1 m. All plants have special fragrance. Roots fleshy, lateral root, skin yellow to brown. Odd pinnate alternate; Leaf axis has a narrow wing, without petiole; Lobular 9 - 13, leaf blade ovate to elliptic, 3 long. 5 - 9 cm and 2 - wide 4 cm, apex lancet, base cuneate, margin finely serrate, dark green, densely glandular dots, the white and green, thin gland. Apex acute, black, shiny. Flowering 4 - In may, the fruiting in June.
root cortex dictamni dasycarpus alkali, trigonelline brain lactone, shaggy fruited dittany, choline, shaggy fruited dittany lactide, an ash sitosterol, ketone, cortex phellodendri ketone, cortex phellodendri keto acid. Also contain fatty acids and crude saponins, etc.
cortex dictamni extract more applied to clinical medical industry, dietary supplements and drugs. Tianyi extraction with rich experience in research and development team to create extraction equipment, continuously develop innovative, production can meet the market demand of new products, to meet customer product quality requirements, provide enterprises with the stability of the traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment.
in the cortex dictamni after crushing, alkali � �, after extraction, cortex dictamni mainly dissolved in the water extraction liquid alkali; After adjust pH, cortex dictamni alkali free out from the water, then using chloroform extraction, cortex dictamni alkali in chloroform at this time, and then continue to complete follow-up purification crystallization operation.
in the cortex dictamni extraction process, the traditional mode of operation is tank stirring extraction, artificial to separate two phase after stratification by gravitational force, the intermittent operation is more tedious, a longer production cycle. By using. cwl - M new centrifugal extraction machine can not only overcome the above shortcomings, but also can make the extraction period of continuous production, separating the two more completely, less dosage of chloroform, the advantages of higher extraction rate.
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