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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract the solanaceae plant biological nicotine nicotine

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Nicotine ( Nicotine) , the common name for nicotine, it is a kind of exist in solanaceae plant ( Genus) The alkaloid, also is the important ingredient of tobacco, was also the representative of the N choline receptor excited medicine, for N1 and N2 receptor and have a role in central nervous system, no clinical application value.
nicotine not only exists in tobacco leaves, also exists in a variety of solanaceae plant fruit, such as tomatoes, medlar contains nicotine in plants, and these vegetables and herbs are widely recognised as beneficial to human body health food. Because of this, the world health organization (who) in promoting global in the early 1990 s 'nicotine replacement therapy' to give up smoking, replaced the nicotine from cigarettes, to help people overcome in physiological and psychological dependence on cigarettes, make 1 times more chance of success.
centrifugal extraction machine extraction technology is the use of solvent extraction, add organic solvents and extraction material material liquid, under the action of centrifugal force, to extract the valuable components. ( Centrifugal extraction machine can only handle liquid or contain a small amount of micro solid liquid phase)

(1) process flow and broken broken tobacco leaf soaking in sodium hydroxide solution mixing, leaching liquid mixing put filter cake in clear water, leaching supernatant.
(2) extracting the solution in the centrifugal machine, to join the extraction solvent, stirring extraction, fine layered, collection of organic phase solution, repeat extraction, three times to extract were combined into one place.
3. Distillation distillation in water bath heating, with the condensing unit recovered extractant, residue.
4. Crude put residues in water evaporation to dry, add water solvent, and then mixed with methanol, mixing, filtering. Collect the filtrate, join saturated acid solution, filter sediment, air drying, nicotine crude salt.
5. Refined raw will dissolve in the ethanol aqueous solution, heated to boiling and crude products just dissolve, with natural cooling, crystallization, filtration crystal products.
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