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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract the taxus chinensis extract

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
Because of the taxol content in pacltitaxel bark is only 0. 01%, each cut off 1000-1 kg 2000 the bark of trees, according to the current resources and needs, directly extracted from the bark is not realistic, so much taxus chinensis extract is extracted with the use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment and has the following several kinds of manufacturing method. Artificial synthesis of taxol: in the long run, semi-synthetic is a effective way to solve the problem of taxol resources. From the regeneration of taxus chinensis branches and leaves in the use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment from taxus chinensis plants extract taxol and other two terpenoids itself has no active chemical ingredients. Synthetic biology: by fungus production of taxol is the taxus plant resources development and utilization of a better way. Yew bark, from the current use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment extraction separation of taxus chinensis extract out of more than 200 kinds of microbes, among them, some endophytic fungi have been shown to produce taxol. Tissue culture method of tissue culture method is to yew plant the young stem, cambium or bark of callus induction, successive transfer culture, to establish cell suspension culture, and then expand training, production of taxol. The people expected the preferred method for commercial production of taxol, can ensure product is infinite, continuously and evenly to produce, not influenced by plant diseases and insect pests, season, large-scale cultivation in the biological response. Source:
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