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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction solvent extraction principle

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Solvent extraction method is based on components in Chinese herbal medicine in the nature of the dissolved in the solvent, the selection of the active ingredient solubility is big, does not need small solubility of solvent dissolution composition, and dissolved the effective ingredients from medicinal herbs in the organization. Chinese medicine extraction solvent extraction principle is that when the solvent to the Chinese herbal medicine raw materials ( Appropriate pieces) Solvent, due to the diffusion, osmosis, gradually through the cell wall penetration into the cells, dissolve the soluble substances, and cause cells inside and outside the concentration difference, so the cells in the concentrated solution continuously spread outward, solvent and then into medicinal tissue cells, so many times, until the cells inside and outside the solution concentration reach a dynamic balance, the saturated solution leaching, continue to add new solvent for many times, can the ingredients you'll need to complete dissolution or dissolution.
herbal ingredient solubility in the solvent is directly related to the solvent properties. Organic solvent and the solvent can be divided into the water, close nature lipotropy organic solvent, were dissolved substances have different hydrophilic and lipophilic. Generally speaking, Chinese medicine extraction technology for solvent extraction principle, as long as the Chinese herbal medicine composition of hydrophilic and lipid and the nature of the solvent, in which will have larger solubility, the so-called 'similar miscibility' rule. This is to choose the appropriate solvent extracted from Chinese herbal medicine need according to one of the elements. Source:
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