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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology continuous extraction method to extract QuKe new technology of rutin

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
At present, our country mostly extracted from sophora japonica QuKe rutin, commonly used methods are:

1, hot water extraction method: according to the rutin in the nature of the solubility of markedly different in the cold, hot water extraction. The energy consumption and low extraction yield.

2, hot alcohol extraction: according to the rutin in cold and hot alcohol extraction solubility of markedly different in nature. The higher extraction yield, but alcohol flammable, difficult operation, the cost too is high.
3, alkaline cooking method: according to the principle of rutin in hot alkaline solubility larger extraction. The energy consumption low extraction yield.
4, cold alkaline extraction: according to the rutin can be dissolved in cold lye to smash the sophora japonica and alkaline water soak for a long time many times extraction. 该法节省能源提取率较���但该法工艺流程太长工作效率低 。
5, continuous extraction method to extract the new technology of rutin QuKe: rutin is a pale yellow small needle crystal is not soluble in ethanol, chloroform, petroleum ether, acetic acid, ethyl acetate, acetone and other solvents, soluble in alkali liquor in the yellow complex precipitation after acidification. Flavone compounds containing multiple phenolic hydroxyl rutin, soluble in alkali liquor and other ingredients in the sophora japonica. 如白华脂醇、槐二、醇、槐花米、甲素、槐花米乙素、槐花米丙素等则无酚羟基 所以在碱液中不溶解,槐米中的其它粘多糖类也不溶解。 Rutin can also generate complex salt with boron ions, complex salt solution adding acid acidification, rutin in strong acid to weak acid rutin from rutin complex salt solution permutation insoluble in water and precipitation. Based on these characteristics of rutin to formulate the new technology of continuous extraction to extract rutin. First the sophora japonica with sodium bicarbonate solution and alkyl phenol epoxy ethane adduct steamed steamed and then on again after processing with contain a certain amount of borax limewater continuous extraction, extraction yield results in 22%, 22% higher than that of traditional craft, on ignition residue than the traditional process was reduced by 77%.
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