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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology extraction isoflavone compounds

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
With the development of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology, physical and health care effect of soybean isoflavones in recent years research cherished, isoflavone compounds is a naturally occurring plant estrogen, in plants are the main role of the antioxidant, such substances in human and animal body besides have estrogen-like effect, there are other biological activity. Study found that Chinese traditional medicine extraction technology to extract isoflavone compounds as much of this kind of compound exist in legume crops, is the kind of nutrients in soy, but there are obvious health care effect in humans, and no obvious toxicity, so widely attention.
because of soy isoflavones on overall animal also has a more definite antioxidant effect, so the industry often USES traditional Chinese medicine extraction isoflavone soybean isoflavone extraction technology, combined with China's soybean resources are rich, soy foods is a traditional food of our country, the use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract isoflavone compounds to lower the incidence of tumor, cardiovascular disease and climacteric syndrome or will play a role of the treatment is of great significance.

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