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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology from extract isoflavones leguminous plants

by:Deyuan      2020-08-25
Introduction to
is one of the flavonoids of isoflavones, mainly exists in leguminous plants, soybean isoflavones in soybean growth is to form a class of secondary metabolites. Because is extracted from plants, has similar structure with estrogen, so called phytoestrogens.

characters yellowish powder, slightly bitter smell, slightly astringent. Sources of

soybean isoflavones are widely found in beans, grains, fruits, vegetables and so on more than 300 kinds of plants, in addition to the soybean and its products in your diet. Wheat, brown rice, lentils, onion, apple, pomegranate, ginkgo, sunflower and orange juice in the food content is relatively more.

extraction method to extract isoflavones per 100 grams contains 128 mg of isoflavones, soy sample separation of about 102 mg. The extraction of soybean isoflavone can use the solvents such as methanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate extraction. Different solvent extraction process is also different. Now in ethanol, for example, this paper introduces the leaching process.
( 1) Raw material preparation will be shattered defatted soybean meal. If using soybean as raw material, need to skim, soybean meal residual oil rate
( 2) Extracted by ethanol extract, first into soybean meal powder containing 0. 1 ~ 1. 0 mol/l ( mol/l) Hydrochloric acid, and then in 95% ethanol solution reflux extraction, filtration collecting filtrate.
( 3) Recovery of extraction solvent to evaporate under pressure filtrate, recovery of ethanol, the soy isoflavones crude aqueous solution.
( 4) Aqueous solution purification will be thick add 0. 1 mol/l sodium hydroxide solution, regulate the pH value to neutral. At this time, the neutral solution in the precipitation and filtering, the sediment is the product of soybean isoflavones.
( 5) Refined dissolve the product in the saturation of n-butyl alcohol in the solution, and the aluminium chloride adsorption column on adsorption, then use saturated n-butyl alcohol leaching solution, washing out the different components of soy isoflavones.

extraction equipment must first for raw materials ( Soybean) Preprocessing, the material by crushing machine or other equipment will be broken soybean. Then get solid-liquid mixture to the centrifugal extraction machine, by adding extraction agent ( Ethanol) In a centrifugal extraction machine for separation, extraction, eventually get isoflavones. Need to pay attention to the matter, centrifugal extraction machine of extraction rate can be industrialized process, through multistage multigang extraction rate can reach more than 95%.
the. cwl centrifugal extraction machine produced by our company is characterized by short contact time material, extraction effect is good. Can a single operation can also be many sets of parallel operation, mechanical noise is small, low consumption, no pollution to the outside world. Easy to enlarge, and the equipment can be adjusted according to different customer's needs change. Is the latest generation of centrifugal extraction machine, market reaction effect is very good.
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