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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology from ginkgo biloba extract effective components

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology extract effective components mainly for flavonoids from ginkgo biloba, ginkgo lactone, alkyl phenol and alkyl phenolic acids. Its active ingredients and different function and effect.
Chinese medicine extraction technology was used for extracting effective components from ginkgo biloba extract method can be roughly divided into four types: water vapor distillation: the method is simple in equipment, but the yield is low, is now rarely used. Organic solvent extraction: this is a wide range of methods: concentrated to a half, cooling, filtering, filtrate volume of ginkgo biloba ( Drying, crushing) 40% - 80% ethanol, unsaturated resin type macroporous resin with more than 60% of the alcohol alcohol concentration to dry extract ( Flavonoid glycoside 20% or higher) 。 Supercritical fluid extraction method: this method is of high extraction yield and no residue solvent, active ingredients and volatile component is not easy to broken. Source:
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