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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology in the application of artemisinin extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Artemisinin is researchers use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology in China was isolated from artemisia annua l got a new antimalarial effective components, has been in the clinical application of more than 30 years, has not found that parasites resistant to it. 'Give priority to with artemisinin combination therapies' using 3 days can be effective, than traditional chloroquine treatment reduced the four days of time. Now, the WHO has artemisinin-based combination therapy as a method for the treatment of malaria.
Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract artemisinin in the selection of extraction solvent
the impurities contained in the mother liquor is mainly to the low polarity components, therefore, appropriate chooses polarity and larger to known as the good solubility of the solvent. According to artemisinin soluble in chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate and benzene, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, slightly soluble in cold petroleum ether, almost insoluble in water, the properties of combining literature, choose strong penetration ability, were more likely to act known as good solubility, and to establish good liquid - and extraction agent Fluid balance and cheap low toxicity of ethanol as extraction solvent.

when using ethyl acetate as extraction solvent extraction times less than petroleum ether, but found that in the process of enrichment in petroleum ether solution concentration when there is a solid particles precipitate ( The TLC test for artemisinin) And extraction yield of 0. 88%; Ethyl acetate solution, no this phenomenon, concentrated dry. Add a small amount of petroleum ether, placed, slower crystallization ( The TLC test for artemisinin) And extraction yield of 0. 84%.
the artemisinin mother liquor containing 0. Around 85% of artemisinin, the extraction and purification method is: use 9 times ( w/v) Of 85% ethanol ultrasonic disperse completely, filtration, the filtrate with the volume of petroleum ether extraction twice, abandon to ether layer ( By TLC test before the ether layer contains no artemisinin) 。 Then use alcohol layer 0. 05% - 0. 5% ( w/v) The 15 min in 50 ℃ water bath decolorizing activated carbon, filter, dispatch the filtrate was 50% ethanol solution, with petroleum ether and ethyl acetate extract into the liquid alcohol no artemisinin ( TLC track) 。 Merge ether layer or ester, in less than 60 ℃ temperature concentration, add a small amount of petroleum ether, placed, crystallization.
Chinese medicine extraction technology is simple, low toxicity, low cost, higher extraction yield, has the certain application value.
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