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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology in the application of the extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-15
Chinese medicine extraction technology in the extraction equipment, the application of case is more, mainly because of the chemical into contain ingredients of Chinese traditional medicine is complex, both the variety of effective ingredients, and there are a number of ineffective ingredients, of course, contain toxic ingredients. Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the effective components, and further to separation and purification of effective monomer, is based on components in Chinese herbal medicine in the nature of the dissolved in the solvent, selected for the active ingredient solubility is big, does not need small solubility of solvent dissolution composition, and dissolved the effective ingredients from medicinal herbs in the organization. This process is an important content in the field of traditional Chinese medicine research.
Chinese medicine extraction technology in the application of extraction equipment is the extraction of effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), makes the intrinsic quality of TCM and to improve clinical treatment effect and to play the effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
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