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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology latest methods from capsicum red pigment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Capsicum red pigment is a kind of natural red pigment, can use centrifugal extraction machine combined with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) extracted from red chilli extraction technology. Use butane more mixed solvent as extraction solvent for extraction. The paper simply introduces capsicum red pigment usage, composition, function and extraction technology.
capsicum red pigment, also known as red pepper, chili oil resin, is extracted from chili natural colorants, main color composition of capsicum red pigment and chili red jade, carotenoids, accounted for 50% ~ 60% of the total. In addition, also contains a certain amount of color composition of capsaicin. Capsicum red pigment is not only bright color and natural high, good dyeing force, good color preserving effect, can effectively extend the shelf life of the food.
element of capsicum red pigment
pepper the material is mainly that of capsicum red pigment. Capsicum red pigment is present in the chili to carotenoid pigment, 0 of capsicum peel. 2% - 0. 5%. Foreign scholars for carotenoid pigment in chili carried on the thorough careful research. Has � � chili in isolated more than 50 kinds of carotene, which has identified more than 30 kinds of carotene. Research shows that the main ingredients are pepper capsicum red pigment red, chili red jade. In general, capsicum red pigment, Two 10000 units) Has the following some average index: fatty acids 80% one 85%, composed mainly of linoleic acid, oleic acid, palm acid, stearic acid, myristic acid composition; Vitamin E0. A 1 6%. 0%; Vitamin C 0. A 1 2%. 1%; Protein ( Total nitrogen) 140 - - 170 mg/l00g samples; Carotenoids 11. A 15 2%. 5%, mainly composed of capsicum red pigment, chili red jade, R a carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin, jade of capsicum red pigment and chili red element accounts for 50% of the total 60%.
pepper varieties ripe fruit vary widely, the content of carotenoids in total carotenoids in different maturity hot pepper fruit, red carotenoid ( Capsicum red pigment, chili red jade) Content and chlorophyll content has a big change. From early results to fully mature fruit, total carotenoids and red carotenoid content increase respectively 66, 124 times, and chlorophyll content to mature close to zero, the proportion of red and yellow also from 0. 22 to 1. 34. So often extracted capsicum red pigment by mature red pepper fruit.

capsicum red pigment extraction technology is a kind of butane mixed solvent using centrifugal extraction machine extraction, the other is a solvent with 6. In comparison, in fact, from the production efficiency, butane is mixed solvent for extracting with good quality at low temperature, the active components of greater retained pigment, improved the natural and the yield ( Yield up to 98% or so) , the residual slag in 0. Below 1%, reducing the waste of resources, is the new manufacturing method is worth advocating of capsicum red pigment.
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