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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology of emerging modern extraction technology

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Chinese traditional medicine extraction technology of the emerging modern extraction technology, it does not change the original characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine extraction, at the same time to ensure the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine effective group based on the basic remains the same. Dynamic extraction of energy saving, paste rate increase, which can realize automatic control, therefore, very good to solve the traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract key process of modernization, is the development trend of modern Chinese medicine extract. Tried now, there have been many domestic enterprises, including pharmaceutical river on the pharmaceutical industry in jiangxi, shandong green leaves the first application of automatic control of dynamic extraction to the production practice, the effect is very good.
Chinese medicine extraction technology of emerging modern extraction technology, there are some shortcomings. Not all of the Chinese medicinal materials are suitable for dynamic extraction technology, such as some Chinese herbal medicine is rich in starch and so on easy pasting does not apply. In addition, because the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are using water decoction extraction, the extraction temperature, time and dynamic extraction is different, therefore, in the traditional dynamic extraction, extraction technology to deal with its effective group based on the same test, in order to eliminate possible due to the different methods of extraction and the quality of the differences.
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