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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology of many kinds of alkaloids extracted from pomegranate skin

by:Deyuan      2020-08-25
Pomegranate extract a compound that helps to improve the symptoms of alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. British researchers at the university of huddersfield Mr Zebidah, YouKun ora kidd to complete research, confirmed pomegranate peel extract can inhibit special inflammation of the brain cells.
Chinese medicine extraction equipment extraction technological characteristics of pomegranate peel extract
in pomegranate peel after crushing, alkalization, extraction, pomegranate peel mainly dissolved in the water extraction liquid alkali; After adjust pH, pomegranate peel alkali free out from the water, then using chloroform extraction, the pomegranate peel alkali into the chloroform, then continue to complete follow-up purification crystallization operation.
in chloroform extraction process, the traditional mode of operation is tank stirring extraction, artificial to separate two phase after stratification by gravitational force, the intermittent operation is more tedious, a longer production cycle. By using. cwl - M new centrifugal extraction machine can not only overcome the above shortcomings, but also can make the extraction period of continuous production, separating the two more completely, less dosage of chloroform, the advantages of higher extraction rate.
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