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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology of radix isatidis extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
Banlangen alias: blue root. For woad plant or big green grass root drying. Woad dry roots of cruciferous plants. Has qingrejiedu, cool blood and the effect of the pharynx. Attending poison hair spot warm, dark reddish purple tongue dark, mumps, throat bi, the bad throat Dan sha, big head wen poison, erysipelas, carbuncle swollen, etc, is one of the major varieties of medicinal materials. This article mainly Chinese medicine extraction technology of radix isatidis extraction technology to introduce the following.

show slender cylindrical, radix isatidis form about 10 to 20 ~ 30 cm long, 3 ~ 8 mm in diameter. Surface yellowish gray, rough, with vertical lines and horizontal spot mark, and mark has a root, root head slightly enlargement, the top has a concave fossa, with dark green petiole residues, coarser root and now populated and wheel alignment warty fibrous roots (zhenvuxu gray brown petiole scars. Solid and crispy, section yellowish-white skin department to light brown, xylem yellow. Slender, slightly sweet taste. To root straight thick, solid, powder sexual predators is preferred.

effective components in radix isatidis woad root containing indigo glucoside, isatin, indigo woad glycoside B, uridine, uracil, hypoxanthine, salicylic acid, ketone of indigo naturalis, daucosterol, beta Sitosterol, radix isatidis, b, c, and avermectin. Also contains plant protein, resin material, sugar, mustard glucoside, amino acids and trace elements. Include the gram-positive and negative bacteria antibacterial material. The Bahamas blue root contains anthraquinones, beta Sitosterol.

Chinese medicine extraction technology of radix isatidis extraction process application of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology of radix isatidis extraction technology has the following characteristics:
1. Small footprint: motor direct drive, no transmission attachments, compact structure, save area and operating space, less auxiliary equipment.
2。 Adaptable: not because of the change of the material influence extraction effect, can deal with small difference in density between the viscosity of the system, and has a strong ability of demulsification.
3。 Good operating performance: fully automatic operation, the operation flow ratio range is very wide. Can continuous uninterrupted operation, also can use small batch more varieties; Can be intermittent operation, can be a single run, also may need many sets of series operation according to the craft, unlimited number, installation, operation and maintenance is simple, you need less workers, can significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve working environment, and a parking is convenient, easy to implement online analysis and automatic control, etc. Power can be run. Without the traditional process of high tower transporting fluid.
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