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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology research to extract bean licorice plant

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology research to extract the leguminous glycyrrhiza plants
' The basic information. : liquorice alias beautiful grass, dense, thick grass, the old, grass powder, sweet grass, sweet root, good grass. Is a leguminous plant, its main value lies in root extract glycyrrhizic acid and liquiritin, etc. Chemical properties of yellow to tan powder, soluble in water.
    【 The traditional method 】 : greenhouse quenching and extraction, diacolation extraction, solvent extraction, decocting method and hot reflux, etc.
1) quenching method is at room temperature, will have a certain mesh sieve of licorice powder directly into the appropriate container, add in the right proportion of water, ammonia water or alcohol, such as solvent extraction, the extraction efficiency is low, long time.
2. Diacolation extraction need to use special diacolation equipment, continuously to join the solvent, keep and exudate considerable concentration difference, high extraction efficiency of the quenching method, but for a long time, solvent consumption.
(3) the solvent extraction method is widely used, it is according to all kinds of effective components in Chinese herbal medicine solubility properties, choose to components solubility for other components solubility of solvent, will need active ingredients extracted from medicinal materials dissolved in the organization out of a kind of method.
(4) decoction method and hot reflux is by heating principle.
    【 Modern methods 】 : CO2 supercritical fluid extraction, membrane extraction and separation technology, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) flocculation separation technology, etc. SFE
(1) of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) is the use of supercritical state of fluid as the extractant, efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine ingredients extracted from liquid or solid and separation method. The technology is introduced to China in the 80 s. Its principle is a kind of supercritical fluid above the critical temperature and pressure, effective ingredients extracted from the target, when returned to atmospheric pressure at room temperature, dissolved in the fluid component immediately to dissolve in the liquid of absorbing liquid state and gaseous fluid separately. Extraction process is generally divided into fluid compression and extraction separation to decompression, four stages. On the application Chinese medicine mainly filter out bacteria, particles, macromolecular impurities ( Gelatin, tannin, protein, polysaccharide) Or discoloration. The process compared with the traditional technique flow out the alcohol in the process of heavy multi-channel working procedure, reach the purpose of removing impurity, still keep the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine and compound compatibility with assault paste easy dry, hygroscopicity, add less excipient, save a lot of ethanol and the corresponding recycling equipment, shorten the production cycle, reduce working procedure and personnel, to save heat energy, etc.
(3) traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) flocculation separation technology is the flocculant to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the water extraction liquid through flocculation agent adsorption, Bridges, flocculation and inorganic salt electrolyte particles and surface charge produce cohesion function, make a lot of unstable particles such as protein, manganese fluid to pledge, gum, saddle mass connection into floccules settlement, such as the filtration purification. Using flocculant can keep active ingredients in a large extent, safe non-toxic, easy to operate. Flocculant with tannic acid, gelatin and egg white, 101 juice clarifying agent and ZTC clarifying agent, chitosan and so on, but it is widely used chitosan clarifying agent.
    【 Fine to craft 】 : according to apply quantitative dry liquorice - crushing - hot water extraction ( 83 ℃, and solid-liquid ratio 1:10, 2 h) To add volume sevage reagent ( Chloroform: n-butyl alcohol 4:1) The hybrid shock ( 30min) And centrifugal separation on clear liquid ( 4℃,5000 r, 10分钟) - concentration ( To the original volume 1/3) To volume ratio of 72% 95% ethanol precipitation, quiet place to spend the night ( 24h) -> centrifugal ( 4℃,5000 r, 10分钟) To precipitate, anhydrous ethanol, acetone, ether, in turn, washing and vacuum freeze drying in special fruit beer coarse polysaccharide ( 24h) 。
    【 Extraction equipment 】 : due to the modern extraction cost is high, some technology is not mature, we are more solvent extraction method is used to apply to licorice extract production. Common on the market of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment is generally made up of many parts, and more complex. Centrifugal extraction machine as extraction separation, the integration of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment, its simple structure, convenient operation, cover an area of an area small and other advantages, more and more get the industry of Chinese medicine manufacturers, have a certain impact to the existing pattern of the market, has broad market prospects.
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