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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract ageratum extract volatile oil of three kinds of commonly used methods

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Herba agastachis for patchouli labiatae plants or soil, the full name of ageratum patchouli and soil ageratum differnt genus, the series of ageratum says medical books. 藿香的提取物一般都用来制作藿香制剂包括汤剂、水剂、软胶囊、滴丸等。
solvent extraction to extract ageratum extract volatile oil
the different concentration of alcohol extraction of ageratum, ageratum 40 mesh sieve processing samples through crushing, accurately say 100 g sample round bottom distillation flask, add 6 times volume 90% ethanol soak 30 min after 85 ℃ reflux extraction of 3 h. 430 mesh filter cloth filter, and continue to add 3 times the volume of 85 ℃ 90% ethanol circumfluence 3 h, filter and filtrate merger. The filtrate to join has been weighing the evaporation of the bottle, 45 ℃ stress concentration until evaporation bottle without ethanol steam out. Weighing calculation alcohol extract yield.
    广藿香粉碎晾干在水槽中用水浸泡4h,加水量为广藿香的10倍。 Patchouli will be brewing, which together with the rest of the water added to 1000 ml of three distillation flask neck. Connect water vapor distillation apparatus, with electric heating to look after boiling. Flowed from the first drop of distillate start time, when the collected distillate continuous distillation 6 h.
the distillate obtained with anhydrous diethyl ether extraction, discharge the water in the separatory funnel phase ( The lower liquid) And then the organic phase ( The upper liquid) In brown's reagent bottles for use to save to arrange another step rotary evaporation. With a rotary evaporator recycle ether, and collect the extraction of volatile oil in order to prevent the first water separation is not complete. Use a small amount of ethyl ether to secondary income volatile oil extraction, and ether was isolated with rotary evaporator. The pale yellow transparent oily matter is the patchouli essential oil, the oil has a special aroma.
the current common methods of volatile oil extracted with solvent method and supercritical CO2 extraction, steam distillation method. Solvent method has a certain application in laboratory and is often used together with other extraction methods, used in industrial production is less; Steam distillation is the routine use of industrial production method; The use of supercritical CO2 extraction technology in the field of research more than industrial production. However, the three methods on equipment selection more choose. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine.
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