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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract aloe extract skin products

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
Aloe vera, liliaceous perennial evergreen herbs, leaves tufted, big and fleshy, originating in the Mediterranean, Africa, because of its easy to cultivate, for Mosaic with ornamental plants, is quite popular, is a set of edible, medicinal, beauty, ornamental plants. The secrete things ( Is the main active ingredients such as aloin onion quinones substances) Has been widely used in medicine and cosmetic.

aloe extracting method for a long time, people have been in the form of aloe vera gel to the preparation of aloe active ingredients. Cuts was initially take aloe leaf, collect leaf juice, placed in the pot boil into a thick paste, then dip container, solidification and cooling. The method, natural active ingredients will be most decomposition, thus mainly used as diarrhea remedy to the case. Has gradually become obsolete, but in some places are still in use. The method currently used to extract the aloe extract main extraction, using. cwl - When a new centrifugal extraction machine of aloe extraction M � � single-stage extraction rate was 95%, the secondary cross-flow extraction rate was 99%, the secondary counter-current extraction rate was 98%, the cross-flow extraction rate is higher than counter-current extraction rate, and single-stage and two-stage extraction rate can reach the requirements of industrial production.
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