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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract effective components from the compositae echinacea

by:Deyuan      2020-08-25
Echinacea extract ingredient chicory acid is a widely used medicinal plants, the main active ingredients echinacea, polyphenols, caffeic acid derivatives, and polysaccharides.
� � experiments on echinacea extract of chicory acid process and content of study found that echinacea chicory acid ethanol solvent extraction method is simple, convenient operation, low cost, avoid the water extraction, methanol extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, applicable to mass industrial production.
objective to extract the total phenolic echinacea, and the extract content determination, optimum extraction method. Methods using centrifugal extraction machine with ethanol as extraction solvent extraction of total phenol in echinacea, Prussian blue method with gallic acid as control is used to detect the ultraviolet absorption, optimize the extraction process by orthogonal experiment method. Results total phenol extract echinacea extract process for: use herbs 10 times the mass of the volume fraction of 45% ethanol extract three times, each time 1 h, the recovery of ethanol, concentration, drying to contain the total phenolic echinacea ethanol extracts. Conclusion using this method can effectively extract echinacea of total phenolics, can make more full use of echinacea medicinal materials.
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