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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract garlic allicin extract

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Garlic extract is the allicin, ingredients: diene propyl disulfide � � � CH2 = CHCH2) 2 s3, is highly stable organic sulfur, easy degradation, room temperature ( 20℃) After 20 hours were almost completely points � �, thermal decomposition and faster. So allicin is very unstable, allicin extraction process, preservation is very difficult.
at present, the method of extraction of allicin is mainly by steam distillation, solvent extraction method. The former method of garlic extraction rate and purity are very low, among them with solvent extraction of allicin stability is best, the highest yield, the best quality. Extraction rate can reach more than 92%, the purity of allicin was 84%. Centrifugal extraction machine

garlic extract of garlic extract process of healthcare value, mainly is effective component in garlic - — — Allicin, according to the biochemical analysis proves that, not containing allicin in the fresh garlic, contain and its precursor, — — Garlic amino acid, amino acid in the form of a stable, odourless exist in garlic. A garlic enzyme exists in garlic, garlic slice or broken, garlic enzyme activation, catalytic alliin allicin formation, allicin is further broken down into a strong smell of sulphur.
using different extraction agent, the use of centrifugal extraction machine to control different conditions, will get a different result. According to this mechanism, can choose the appropriate solvent, control of reaction conditions, realize deodorization and retain the active ingredients of garlic concentrate, and then processed into garlic products.
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