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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract hesperidin rutaceae plant extracts

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
Hesperidin lime and cultivar of rutaceae plants dry or sweet orange young fruit extracts. Usually with solvent extraction method and alkali soluble acid sinking method, using other methods to further refined.
a new method of extracting hesperidin from orange peel, the processing steps include: technology to remove fat soluble component extracted with the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); Enzyme - Ultrasonic method for crude extract hesperidin; With heavy alkali soluble acid preparation of high purity, recrystallization purification hesperidin. Compared with the existing technology, this technology has simple process, high yield, high purity, the advantages of short extraction time, environmentally friendly, is suitable for industrialized production.
the citrus cultivation area is large, citrus tare weight accounts for about 20% whole appearance, contains rich essential oil, pigment, pectin and hesperidin and so on. Domestic fruit yield increased significantly in recent years, the domestic citrus of tens of millions of tons, harvest season often cause a lot of backlog, the price is very low. Citrus in addition to eat, also can be in a timely manner all kinds of deep processing and comprehensive utilization, both reduced the loss of fruit, but also improve its economic value. Orange processed can be extracted juice, the preparation of solid beverage, orange soda, orange wine, jelly, jam, etc. , can also be extracted from citrus peel orange essential oil, pigment, pectin and hesperidin. In addition also can produce fruits paste, orange cake, medicine supplies and plant-based pesticides etc. Citrus fruit, dehiscent fruit accounted for about 10% of the total citrus production around the hesperidin content is very rich. With the varieties and producing area is different, generally the hesperidin content of dried fruit about what percentage to teens. In addition to the medicine, citrus peel has quite part of orange peel do not make any processing then dropped, is a kind of biological resources is very big waste. So in citrus fruit or citrus peel as raw material, extracting hesperidin can become hesperidin in the production of one of the important ways.
according to the structure and properties of flavonoids, usually with solvent extraction method and alkali soluble acid sinking method, using other methods to further refined. More commonly in solvent is water or ethanol as the solvent, heating extraction, the extract with ethyl acetate, ethyl ether, such as extraction, remove the impurities. Alkali extraction and acid precipitation principle is the use of flavonoids after general soluble in caustic soda, acidification and can precipitate out of the extraction and separation principle. This method is simple and easy. Such as extracting rutin from sophora japonica ( rutin) This method, the extraction of baicalin from radix scutellariae were available. Used acid-base shoulds not be too thick too, but in order to avoid the strong base damage when heated yellow ketone, also prevent the acidification generated when the sheep on the relation between ideographic side radicals (wood, salt precipitation of flavonoids and after dissolving, affect the yield. When the material contains a lot of the water soluble impurities such as pectin, mucus, appropriate USES lime or lime water instead of alkaline water fluid extraction, so that the precipitation containing carboxyl impurities, from dissolution. This is helpful for subsequent purification processing.
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