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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the red clover extract

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology is nearly 30 years developed a kind of new technology of extraction separation. Because of the obvious advantages, in the chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, and other fields has been widely used. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology applied in the extraction of red clover extract, is to replace the traditional organic solvent for extracting active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine.
red clover isoflavones active ingredients
the main effective components in class, such as the olecranon bean sprouts element A, mans, the handle, and soybean daidzein, genistein, thorn mans handle flower glucoside, India cocobolo glucoside, yellow soybean glucoside, dye wood glucoside, etc.
red clover herb conditioning
red clover extract: the active ingredient of isoflavones, plant estrogen-like effects, these components to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, improve osteoporosis and have certain effect to improve the symptoms of menopause women and more and more widely used in clinical, also has become one of the most promising natural health food.
town convulsion, cough, asthma. All grass made into concrete, put local ulcer. Plant estrogen-like effects of red clover extract, especially the olecranon bean sprouts element class of hormone levels in the human body has a two-way adjustment role. And spasmolysis fall hematic fat action. Can be used for the prevention and treatment of women increased estrogen in the body of premenstrual syndrome, estrogen reduce menopausal syndrome, prostate cancer, breast cancer, whooping cough and other diseases.

red clover extract extraction method of red clover extract from dry stems and leaves extract was prepared, extract often contain standard into olecranon bean sprouts (8%, 20% and 40%. Ingredients including sting mans handle cost element, element of olecranon bean sprouts, soybean glucoside yuan, genistein, A 73 - respectively And 23-76% 25%, less than 1% and less than 1%.
red clover extract preparation method, raw material used is the part of the state of the fresh red clover, extracted by alcohol, the alcohol solvent recovery, extract enrichment, let stand, get dry sediment is the red clover extract. Using fresh state of red clover ethanol-extraction before the part on the ground, can the cold squeeze squeeze juice and slag raw materials, raw materials slag for alcohol extraction. The adoption of the invention made fresh state of red clover extract effective composition of isoflavones content is higher than made of avoiding extract, can greatly save the manufacturing cost, is advantageous to the subsequent purification process.

red clover extract medicinal value, the effective components in the extract isoflavones compared with other plant estrogen, estrogen activity is high, to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, improve osteoporosis and improve the symptoms of menopause women play an important role. As a result, red clover extract has been widely used in health food. It is almost no heat, is not fat; Long-term edible safety.
Chinese medicine extraction technology extraction principle of red clover extract
the principle of traditional Chinese medicine extracting technology of red clover is mainly according to the selected components in the solution, the differences in the solubility of solvent, and the changes in temperature and rotational speed, and fluid density, viscosity and diffusion coefficient changes, the affinity of solute changes, so that the different nature of the solute is segmented extracted, achieve the goal of extraction and separation.
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