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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology used in the extraction of glycyrrhizic acid extract skin care field

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Glycyrrhizic acid extract, is the use of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology from licorice extract ingredients of medicinal value. Generally contain liquorice extract, glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhizic acid, licorice, licorice flavonoids, after curtain than TanSu, mans, handle, quercetin, etc. For yellow to tan powder.

glycyrrhizic acid extract extraction process in liquorice after crushing, alkalization, extraction, glycyrrhizic acid mainly dissolved in the water extraction liquid; After the pH, glycyrrhizic acid free out from the water, extraction with dilute ammonia water.
in the process of dilute aqua ammonia extraction, the traditional mode of operation is tank stirring extraction, artificial to separate two phase after stratification by gravitational force, the intermittent operation is more tedious, a longer production cycle. By using. cwl - M new centrifugal extraction machine can not only overcome the above shortcomings, but also can make the extraction period of continuous production, separating the two more completely, less dosage of dilute aqua ammonia, the advantages of higher extraction rate.
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