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Traditional Chinese medicine traditional extraction of effective ingredients - — Solvent extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
Traditional Chinese medicine traditional extraction of effective ingredients - — Solvent extraction
solvent extraction method is based on the solubility of Chinese herbal medicine of each component in the solvent, the selection of the active ingredient solubility is big, does not need small solubility of solvent dissolution composition, dissolved the effective ingredients from medicinal herbs in the organization method.
solvent extraction method is the most commonly used method, the laboratory has the characteristics such as simple operation, less loss, easy to collect solvent extraction technology requirements for equipment is low, wide application, strong universality. Herbs contain all kinds of biological active ingredients, such as flavonoids, total soap, all kinds of active polysaccharides and some antioxidants, etc.

when solvent added to the Chinese herbal medicine raw materials, solvents, due to the diffusion, osmosis, gradually through penetration to the cell wall of a cell, dissolving soluble substances, caused by the concentration difference inside and outside cells, the cells in the concentrated solution to spread beyond, solvent and then into medicinal tissue cells, so cycle for many times, until the cells inside and outside the solution concentration to achieve dynamic balance, the saturated solution leaching, continue to add new solvents, until completely dissolved out the ingredients you'll need.
herbal ingredient solubility in the solvent is directly related to the solvent properties of solvents choice to comply with the rule of 'similar miscibility', is to choose the appropriate solvent extracted from Chinese herbal medicine need according to one of the elements.
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