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Two fusion work management system, jitc started

by:Deyuan      2020-07-28
In response to national policy, to realize the depth of the fusion of industrialization and information, the morning of June 4, 2019, kang PuHua project management system, jitc can learn both the fusion in kang PuHua complex building was held on the second floor conference room. Meeting shall be presided over by kang, deputy general manager of PuHua learn Eileen, longevity area economic and information commission director Xu Zongcheng, section chief fan stars, chongqing Qiang her business consulting company general manager hai-yun xiong, chongqing fragrant buds, information technology co. , LTD. , vice general manager li ling, longevity area small and medium-sized enterprises public service center, vice general manager Xie Yali, chongqing association of small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation wen-feng gong, kang PuHua Li Chaoliang, general manager, deputy general manager interpretation upon, Liu Longcheng head as well as the different divisions of the company a total of more than twenty people to attend the meeting. Two integration management system, jitc work official start, is to maintain the sustainable development of the enterprise itself effectively boost and security. Subsequent company will be based on the amalgamation of standardization, standardization, specialization system build, design a set of specifications and effective two integration management system, through the company involved in combination of both work link, through effective application system and continuous improvement, improve the company's core competitiveness!
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