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U. S. consumer confidence index for 97 in July. 3

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The conference board ( ConferenceBoard) On Tuesday, On July 26) In June, according to the data published in consumer confidence improved, consumer confidence remains stable in July.

detailed data show that U. S. consumer confidence index in July of 97. 3, the forecast for 95. 9, 6 menstrual revised for 116. 6, the first value is 98.

the current state of the U. S. consumer confidence index for July 118. September 3, to the highest, the revised June of 116. 6, the first value is 118. 3.

July U. S. consumer confidence index are expected to be 83. 3, 6 menstrual revised for 84. 6, the first value is 84. 5.

in addition, the conference board of 22 July obtain employment index. After 3, 6 menstrual correction for 23. 7, the former value is 23. 3. Consumers' one-year inflation expectations for 4 and July. 7%, the revised June 4. 8%, the first value is 4. 7%.

competent LynnFranco conference economic indicators: consumer confidence improved in June, July, consumer confidence remain stable. Consumers to the current situation is optimistic about business and labor force, suggests that the economy will continue to expand to moderate growth. Business and labor conditions expected and personal income prospects slightly lower, because consumers for the recent growth of cautious optimism.
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