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U. S. factory orders fell 1 month in June. 5%

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Thursday, On August 4,) , according to data released due to transportation equipment and capital goods demand is weak, the factory in June new orders for the second consecutive monthly decline; But business spending signs of stabilizing brings to the troubled manufacturing some hope. The us Commerce Department (

医生) Published, factory orders fell 1 month in June. 5%, is expected to reduce 1. After revised down 9%, may is reduced by 1. 2%, the first value is reduced by 1. 0%.

the United States for durable goods orders confirmed June rose to reduce 3. 9%.

the June excluding transportation factory orders rose more 0. May for yoy increase 4%, 0. 2%.

us durable goods orders excluding aircraft nondefense capital in June, is revised to increase from 0. 4%, this part of the order is considered to reflect the business confidence and spending plans.

the June durable-goods orders to deduct the defense revised reduce 3 month rate. 8%, the first value to reduce the 3. 9%.

the revised durable goods orders excluding transportation month June rate rose to reduce 0. To reduce to 0 in 4%, before. 5%.

rate of Reuters comments on June U. S. factory orders, according to the U. S. factory orders for a second consecutive month in June recorded drop, mainly because of the traffic transportation equipment to the biggest drop in August 2014, and capital goods demand is weak, the whole manufacturing industry is still suffering from a stronger dollar and weak overseas demand additional pressure, but there are some positive phenomenon indicates that manufacturing capital spending tends to stable.
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