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UK retail sales will exceed expectations

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The confederation of British industry ( CBI) A recent survey showed that British retail sales will exceed expectations. And as more evidence that British consumers get rid of the panic brought back the referendum, to consumption in the summer, retail store owners the good news is expected to continue to spread.

35% of retailers said this month's sales is better than the same period last year, a 26% decline in sales. This 9% difference is far better than expected close to zero, is better than in July - 14% of the lowest in great progress.

after the last week in the office for national statistics released by the official retail sales data of fear in the British financial markets short huge shock of the decision and strong performance, shop sales climbed 5 than the same period last year. 9%.

retailers also of CBI, said they would invest more in the coming year. This with their comments in last month to cut spending.

however, some experts believe that the morale of the data should be attributed to the good weather more, rather than the economic elasticity after the referendum. CapitalEconomics RuthGregory said: & other; The labor market situation could worsen and rising inflation is likely to reduce real wages, if retail sales did not slow, then it will feel unexpected. ”

despite the expected slowdown, the experts agree with this batch of better-than-expected sales data can help dispel panic again, may be from a sharp drop in consumer spending, which will help the UK economy break & other; Return the curse & throughout; 。
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