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Use QH - extraction tower Type 1 solvent extraction dephenolizing processing

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
A chemical plant in phenol as raw material to produce salicylic acid produced in the process of waste water containing phenol, phenol content in 8000 - About 10000 mg/L, the wastewater is 20 m3 / d, waste water containing phenol, salicylic acid, sulfuric acid, sodium sulfate and pH less than 2, the factory use QH - using extraction tower Type 1 dephenolizing process extraction solvent for two levels of cross-flow extraction.
extraction agent of two-stage extraction tower built in the 0. 7 cubic meters, the waste water flows into the primary extraction tower, wastewater pH value control in 2 - Good contact with 3 or so, by mixing two phase extraction, 15 min after stop, stand for 20 min, put the lower extraction raffinate in primary extraction liquid storage tank, then flows into the second extraction tower for secondary cross-flow extraction, the first level load of the solvent by secondary extraction has been used in alkaline solution for extraction, extraction time for 10 min, static layering time for 20 min, after extraction with alkali lye to salicylic acid and alkali section in use, extraction residue after the back into the industrial sewage, oil water separator use QH - extraction tower After removing phenol extraction solvent type 1 processing extraction phenol content in residual liquid is below 1 mg/L.
industrial operation shows that use QH - extraction tower Type 1 solvent extraction dephenolizing process containing phenol wastewater treatment efficiency is high, in the process of extraction and reverse extraction interface clear, easy to operation, the wastewater treatment process is not only to effectively deal with wastewater containing phenol, and in the form of phenol sodium to recycle a large amount of phenol, returned to the production process reuse, reduce the product cost. Source:
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