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Using. cwl series centrifugal extraction machine processing waste water containing phenol in pharmaceutical industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
Pharmaceutical industry wastewater overview
pharmaceutical industry wastewater is refers to the manufacture of antibiotics, antimicrobial, antiserum and the wastewater, organic and inorganic medicine factory contains is given priority to with animal organs of animal waste water and wastewater treatment plant is given priority to with herbs, usually containing fluorine, cyanide, phenol, cresol and mercury compounds toxic substances, such as waste water treatment is given priority to with precipitation and biochemical method, solvent extraction method. This paper mainly introduces the. cwl series centrifugal extraction machine processing waste water containing phenol in pharmaceutical industry.
pharmaceutical industry wastewater mainly contains the following features

1, Chinese medicine extraction wastewater containing sugar, glycosides, organic pigment, anthraquinone, tannins, alkaloids, cellulose, lignin and other organic matter, have a certain toxicity;
2, SS wastewater is high, including sediment and liquid, and also contains a large amount of debris;
3, COD concentration, usually at around 20000, concentration of up to 60000 mg/L, between between the change, and change of water
4, high chromaticity, generally chroma is more than 500 times.

chemical synthesis pharmaceutical wastewater chemical synthesis pharmaceutical wastewater is medicine, one of the most difficult of the wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater due to severe pollution of water environment, seriously restrict the development of chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical industry in China. Because of the characteristic of the chemical pharmaceutical has held 'sanduo', namely the use of raw materials, production process, the 'three wastes' discharge, low product yield more

antibiotic pharmaceutical wastewater antibiotic wastewater discharge exceeds bid badly, mainly COD, BOD indicators, in more than 100 times on average, nitrogen and other sulfur, phosphorus, acid, alkali and salt. All are high concentration organic wastewater.
pharmaceutical industry wastewater treatment process characteristics of
1, different pretreatment methods for different wastewater, and the combination of biochemical system, through the pretreatment system, reduces the part of the waste water to the microbial inhibitory effect, in addition to improve wastewater biological sex.
2, the craft is mature, water stability.
3, the design of water from several tons/hour to 5, six hundred tons/day, the COD concentration can be as high as hundreds of water up to national emission standards.
pharmaceutical industry wastewater treatment principle
1, the whole process control principle. On the whole process of hospital sewage discharged, processing, control.
2, the principle of reduction. Hospital internal health and safety management system, strictly in the sewage and dirt placing signage at strict control and separation of hospital sewage and wastewater collection, ward, namely, source control, clean-up shunt. It is strictly prohibited to hospital sewage and sewage disposal sewage at will.
3, on the principles of management. In order to prevent the pollution and harm in the process of hospital sewage transportation, should be dealt with in situ in a hospital.
4, classification guidelines. According to the nature of the hospital, scale, sewage discharge whereabouts and regional differences classified guidance to hospital sewage treatment.
5, standard combined with risk control principle. Fully consider the comprehensive hospital and infectious disease hospital wastewater discharging standard of this requirement, at the same time to strengthen a sense of risk control, from the technology, engineering, construction and supervision management improve the ability of dealing with sudden event.

6, the principle of ecological security. Effective removal of toxic and harmful substances in wastewater and reduce the disinfection by-products produced process and control the higher residual chlorine in water, protect the ecological environment security.

. cwl series centrifugal extraction machine processing in the pharmaceutical industry wastewater containing phenol
the core of the technology for the new. cwl series high efficient centrifugal extraction machine, pharmaceutical industry containing phenol wastewater treatment technology is the combined extraction separation and extraction process. Simple operation, less equipment investment, low consumption, recycling phenol can reuse, extraction raffinate phenol is lower than the emission standards, can create direct social economic benefits
. cwl series high efficient centrifugal extraction machine mixing and separation of multi-function extraction equipment. Is mainly used in environmental protection, fine chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, wet metallurgy industries of liquid liquid extraction, neutralize or water purification process.
. cwl series high efficient centrifugal extraction machine compared with other extraction equipment are: the equipment is small in size, high extraction efficiency, extraction flow than the big, wide applicable scope of materials handling system, etc, to improve product quality, reduce consumption, simplify the process, convenient operation, the expansion of production capacity, reduce the area has a better effect.
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