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Vico technology, LG chem jointly funded enterprises introducing state-backed lithium-ion batteries

by:Deyuan      2020-07-25

month, vico technology announcement said, vico technology co. , LTD. , co. , LG chemical and nanchang new district days investment co. , LTD in year month day to sino-foreign joint venture contract, proposed joint venture management and setting up Jiang Xiwei battery co. , LTD. , the project total investment for the thousands of dollars, registered capital of million dollars. Vico technology, LG chem and days together investment contribution respectively. Million dollar,. Million dollar,. Dollars, respectively, holding %, %, % equity joint venture. The joint venture term of years from the date of establishment. According to day together with state-backed investment, nanchang new zone state-owned assets operation co. , LTD. , holding a day % equity investment. Main business for research and development and production and sales of soft package battery batteries ( Not including power battery batteries) , the early part of the joint venture production scale is ten thousand batteries/month, through the capital increase will expand to ten thousand batteries/month. Vico technology with LG chem according to market conditions and the actual operation situation, adjust the scale of production based on consensus through consultation. Vico technology said the investment joint venture to share the resource advantages, the introduction of international advanced production management technology, expand its production scale.
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