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Visit Jinchuan Company's nickel salt plant

Visit Jinchuan Company's nickel salt plant


On June 23th, 2020, our company's President Wang, Professor Guo, Manager Guo, Zhou Zhenyu went to Jinchuan Company's nickel salt plant for annual technical services and on-site communication.

A total of 12 peoples, including General Manager Gong, Director Meng, Deputy General Manager Wang Qiang, Director Dong, Secretary Ming of the Nickel Salt Plant of Jinchuan Company, and the team leaders and technicians of Jinchuan Company participated attended the on-site communication meeting.

First of all, Mr. Gong of Jinchuan Group expressed a warm welcome to our company’s arrival, mentioning the correct diagnosis and solutions that our company solved the problems in their production last year, helped them to resume normal production, and made the battery-grade nickel sulfate production capacity overed 100,000 tons, he hope our company can increase the frequency of on-site communication and service to them.

Mr. Wang of our company expressed gratitude to Jinchuan Company for providing us the on-site learning and communication chance, and promised that if Jinchuan Company needs our support, we will certainly arrive there as fast as possible.

Professor Guo took out the test report and diagnosis result of Phospogram that they mailed sample to us, got their high recognition and approbation.

After Professor Guo introduced the research and development results and application of our new extractant, Mr. Gong was very interested. He suggested to establish a joint research group on the spot and instructed Mr. Dong to be responsible for the project and start work as soon as possible.

Director Dong was very interested in our C301 extractant that introduced by Professor Guo, and asked to provide samples for experimentation, and was willing to do the pilot test in Jinchuan Group.

After Professor Guo explained the influence of solvent oil in the wasted water and product quality in normal production, he was resonated with customers again. Deputy General Manager Wang Qiang introduced that they were bothered by poor solvent oil many years and eliminated two kinds of solvent oil supplier, but still did not solve the problem fundamentally. Mr. Gong asked us to provide workable solvent oil samples for DZ272 to help them get out of this predicament as soon as possible.

Factory Manager Meng said that there is a kind of suspended solids in their producing process, and hope we can help them to give them a solution; Professor Guo requested them to provide the sample, we will find out the cause and give them solution in the shortest time.

Through this visiting to Jinchuan Company, we not only help customer to solve the problems encountered in the current use of extractant, but also deepened the cooperative relationship with customers, strengthened the confidence of our products and technology, and made our cooperation more stable, long-term and extensive. Let us have more confidence in our future work to provide better services to customers with high quality and high efficiency, so that customers can use our products more confidently.

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