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Weekly review: aluminum aluminum prices continue strong, does not exclude the breakthrough 1 again. 20000 ( 4. 11 - 4. 15)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Core clew: this week in aluminum market higher, Aaron aluminum break through $1550, the Shanghai aluminum plate once broke through. 20000, but continue to go up the power abate, next week is expected to give priority to with consolidation savings power, may continue to rise, Aaron aluminium band - 1550 Aluminum 11800 - $1600, Shanghai 12200 yuan, cautiously bullish don't chase after go up.

a, electrolytic aluminium market

in east China, crude oil prices continued to drive prices rebound, and China's aluminium production decline in February, also has the boosting effect on the aluminum, the overall performance this week in east China aluminum prices, or nearly $200 on Wednesday, as of Friday the Yangtze spot prices in 11890 - 11930 yuan, from Friday raised 230 yuan/ton. Days spot market, the end of the week the price ceiling, the shipper of shipment in high spirits, as prices gradually rise, businessman rised gradually started mood, market circulation supplies production and traders bargain speculative buying, but inhibit the enthusiasm of the downstream market and high prices, procurement co. , LTD. , a drag on the market clinch a deal.

in south China: as of Friday aluminum ingots in south China in 12160 - to bring my ticket prices 12260, from Friday rose 240 yuan/ton, held this week in southern China shipper does not want the mood by price, shipment more actively to change now, the downstream enterprises and intermediary dips on-demand procurement, market transaction active enthusiasm high, clinch a deal the better than last week, the stock fell.
2, aluminium scrap market

aluminium scrap prices this week with prices rise sharply, aluminium scrap prices in south China and recycled aluminum prices in 200 - more 250 yuan/ton, machine aluminum market mainstream quotation by weekly near 8900, good quality machine aluminium prices to more than $9000. In other parts of the aluminium scrap prices to go up 100 - 200 yuan, slightly inferior. The spot market, the market clinch a deal this week more than reflected in recycling between traders, smelter normal shipment, but affected by the prices and demand, the downstream procurement, market trading co. , LTD. Guangdong area market circulation supply gradually reduce, low-cost supply of goods is hard to find, then smelter for positive.
3, analysis of futures market,

aluminum to recover from a near $1500, and this week high of hit $1570, 15 points in the vicinity of $1556 as of Friday, up from last week of $34, or 2. 27%.

Monday aluminum back to around $1500, and began to rebound sharply on Tuesday, then break through $1550 resistance. This round of price rebound is mainly driven by continuous high price of crude oil, basic metals generally stronger, second Chinese aluminium production in February from January decline obviously, also boosted sentiment, and China in the first quarter economic & other; Start & throughout; Expectations, also gives the aluminium power to rise. But Aaron aluminum overall is still weak in Shanghai, investors are still concerns about China's output of aluminum ingots caused by excess supply.

Aaron aluminum momentum is abate, next week is expected to give priority to with shock adjustment, break through the $1570 is expected to continue to hit $1600.

Shanghai aluminum Shanghai aluminum strong gains this week, the highest intraday hit 12075 yuan, 15 points on Friday closed at 11960 yuan, up 325 yuan, or 2. 79%. Volume increased dramatically, from last week holdings increased more than 10000 hands.

Shanghai aluminum plate strong breakthrough 1. Resistance near 20000 resistance, but the price is stronger, impact days failed to effectively established, and 1. More than 20000 domestic production enterprises and production intend to ascend, but because of the open cell cost is higher, so have to wait until after stabilizing prices high, has caused the Shanghai aluminum with higher prices, the domestic aluminum supply pressure or will increase. Next week's aluminum adjustment is given priority to, or remain vulnerable to build up our strength. 20000.

4, operating advice

the market focus of China's economic data have been published in the first quarter, year-on-year in the first quarter GDP 6. 7%, China's economy & other; Start & throughout; , aluminum prices continue upward trend this week, aluminium dip below 1500 mark, to rebound. Shanghai aluminum every breakthrough 1. Pressure 20000, many firms see Shanghai aluminum in approaching 12000 yuan a line will be a drag, so in the case of not clear direction, shopping carefully. Rich treasure analysts believe that short-term Shanghai aluminum or in 1. Near 20000 for repeatedly, but from the overall trend, electrolytic aluminium continuous supply shortage, the prices are still the continuation of strong, does not exclude the breakthrough 1 again. 20000 May, next week is expected to give priority to with consolidation savings power, may continue to rise, Aaron aluminium band - 1550 Aluminum 11800 - $1600, Shanghai 12200 yuan, cautiously bullish don't chase after go up.
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