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Weekly review: zinc zinc uplink probability of large amplitude limited ( 8. 8 - 8. 12)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Core tip: Aaron zinc on interval 2220 - next week $2400 / ton, Shanghai zinc main 1610 contract 1. 7 - 1. 80000 yuan/ton, in operation, and hold more light storehouse.

a, market review

figure 1: zinc rich treasure 0 #, Shanghai zinc, zinc LME charts

two city of zinc after magnified, first by a weaker dollar helped, half weeks inside and outside the plate of zinc volatility rose, set high, zinc of record 15 months in 2314. 5 dollars/ton, Shanghai zinc main 1610 contract record since August 8, 2011, 17840 yuan/ton, the second half of the week as investors locked in profits and the influence of Chinese economic data is not good, the two cities of zinc back slightly, so far Aaron zinc shocks near $2270 / ton, Shanghai period main zinc above 17500 yuan/ton, Aaron zinc weeks by about 0. Of zinc 2%, Shanghai first week 0. About 6%. Inventory, LME stocks this week, about 2. More than 80000 tons, at present to 45. Near 80000 tons. Zinc concentrate market

figure 2: zinc concentrate on charts

domestic zinc concentrate ( 50%, tax included) Price increases as a whole, as of Friday's 12100 - yunnan zinc concentrate 12300 yuan/tons of metal, 12400 - hunan zinc concentrate 12600 yuan/tons of metal, gansu province, 12200 - 12400 yuan/tons of metal, 12400 - in guangxi 12600 yuan/tons of metal, rose 200 yuan/tons of metal from last week. Domestic zinc concentrate supply is still tight this week, some small and medium-sized zinc ore field due to the environmental protection work, and zinc mines abroad also no signs of a comeback. In the first half of the international giant glencore 41 zinc concentrate production. 730000 tons, down 34% year on year, mainly in Australia MtIsa ( GeorgeFisher LadyLoretta mining area and) And McArthurRiver Iscaycruz ore mining, Peru and kazakhstan zinc production. The spot market

table 1: the spot price ( Unit: yuan/ton)

this week spot zinc prices rose more fall less, as of Friday in Shanghai mainstream newspaper 17430-0 # zinc 17530 yuan/ton, up from last week 230 yuan/ton, week for zinc prices soared, smelters and traders delivery enthusiasm high, ample supply of goods, but the downstream high will low, goods with zinc prices fell back, some manufacturers market inventory, clinch a deal is a bit better, now of zinc zinc to Shanghai main contract discount discount for 100-1610 The past decade. Guangdong area, south store now offer 17110-0 # zinc 17410 yuan/ton, compared with last week raised 200 yuan/ton, the downstream receiving business is more, the market clinch a deal is fair. Tianjin region, reported 17490-0 # zinc 17590 yuan/ton, up from last week 250 yuan/ton, traders offer firm and trading.

3, afternoon to predict

at present, the two cities of zinc has high refresh many times, in zinc supply fundamentals, is expected to continue to rise, and foreign production of zinc mine no signs of a comeback. In addition, from the fundamentals of zinc recent breakthrough pressure, further strengthen your chances. However, affected by zinc LME inventories increased gains or restricted. Aaron zinc on interval 2220 - next week $2400 / ton, Shanghai zinc main 1610 contract 1. 7 - 1. 80000 yuan/ton, in operation, and hold more light storehouse.
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