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Wet copper extraction method

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
Wet extraction method of copper smelting
method of copper sulphide ore in processing high grade easily has its unique advantage has been widely used, but as the global copper ore becomes more scarce, especially rich ore less and less, holds the prospect of the copper is not optimistic, especially in our country, although the copper reserves is very high, but with the rapid development of national economy, the mining of copper ore is also rapidly increasing, rich ore less and less, pick out the grade of copper dropped year by year, smelting method is becoming more and more difficult, to produce a large amount of waste gas, waste residue, many domestic copper smelter even has to import foreign copper to maintain production, according to statistics, more than half of output of copper copper smelter in China need to import raw materials, how to use the existing handling, a large number of low grade copper complex relations to the strategic security of copper resources in our country, promote sustainable development and the concept of scientific development in the country today, we should be innovative production technology, scientific and technological innovation, grasped the nettle and use of existing resources to achieve economic benefits.
in the 1960 s the wet method of copper smelting technology, can deal with the low grade ore difficult (oxidized ore and low grade complex sulphide ore) , its process is a solvent extraction electric product, has the advantages of low investment, low production cost, less pollution, the characteristics of 1968 up to now, start from the United States, the world has about 60 wet copper smelting factory successfully completed and put into operation, the current output of refined copper, about one-third are produced by the wet Chile since the 80 s, using wet copper smelting process, making it the world's major copper producer, a little more than half of the output of wet, wet copper world � �, in addition, Australia, Africa, some countries also in development, wet copper smelting production has accounted for more than one 5 of the world's copper production.
China's scientific research units for wet copper smelting technology research has lasted for nearly 50 years, some non-ferrous metal research and design institute and some mining and metallurgy research institute, behind some mining and metallurgy college joined the among them, the research content including leaching, extraction technology, the development of new extraction agent. Somewhere in the 80 s, built the first wet copper smelting factory in China, marks the technology in our country through the research to the preliminary application. In the 90 s, the wet copper smelting technology promotion national key scientific research project of the ninth five-year plan. So far, the domestic has been appeared many wet copper smelting factory, successively set up its own hydrometallurgy factory, but the relatively small size, there are some problems, lower productivity.
in wet smelting copper in China research and development lags behind that of foreign countries, as the basic principle of leaching stage, production technology and equipment. In a solvent extraction electric product, in the process of extraction and electrical product has been mature, zijin mining company developed with independent intellectual property rights ZJ988 copper extractants, mining and metallurgy research institute of Beijing developed BK992, performance has been close to the similar foreign extraction agent, don't have to rely on imported foreign extraction agent in China. Leaching domestic research institutions in research and development out of the organism ( Bacteria) Leaching, ammonia leaching, acid leaching, heap leaching process, etc. , but from the industrialized mass production and a lot of distance.

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