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Wet metallurgy equipment processing organic solvent extraction technology research of rare metal desulfurization

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
Organic solvent is a special kind of organic solvent, it is a chain of saturated hydrocarbon, insoluble in water, relatively stable chemical properties. Research has shown that elemental sulfur containing 54. Antimony sulphide residue in 39%, and solid-liquid ratio ( Refers to the liquid volume in millimeters and solid quality ratio of measured in grams, the same below 10:1, temperature 150 ℃, under the condition of the heating time of 15 min, the desulfurization rate can reach 96. 6%. Organic solvent desulfurization

other for structure similar to solvents, soluble sulfur capacity - depends on the size of the molecules Cl substituent and whether the number of C = C bond. So, in addition to the above organic solvents, as well as some new organic solvent can also be dissolved sulfur,
many metal and sulfur associated into sulfide ore, such as: sphalerite ( ZnS) And galena ( PbS) 。 In metallurgical production process, method and wet method two kinds of process, but the industry still is given priority to with fire processing sulfide ore. Method to deal with the SO2 produced in domestic is usually used to acid, usually by alkali absorption abroad, need a large spray tower, it need high cost, there are also studies to strengthen absorption with regeneration device, but there are still a lot of SO2 not being fully absorbed SO2 discharged into the atmosphere, polluting the environment, has a harmful effect on people's life, health, and causes the waste of resources. At the same time in the treatment of low grade and complex sulfide ore, cannot use the fire process, wet process should be adopted to deal with. A hydrometallurgical process of sulfide ore, sulfur concentration in the form of elemental sulfur in the slag, such both neither can produce SO2 pollution, comprehensive utilization of sulfur resources also can produce a range of products.
sulphur in nature are widely distributed in the coal, oil, gas and minerals [ 6] 。 Our country southwest set and codium raw coal of high sulfur coal is elemental sulfur. Currently, the main production of sulfur in the world from high sulfur crude oil, nonferrous metal sulfide and natural sulfur deposits and so on. Our country is a nation of dosage of sulfur, sulfur resources country, China's sulfur market supply gap is big, more than 60% external dependency, Canada has been the main sources of imports of sulfur in our country, since 2005, China's sulfur imports about 8 million t; Since January 1, 2012, China's import tariffs from 3% to 1% lower sulfur, this reduces the cost of imported sulphur, help to increase the sulfur imports, is expected to continue to grow in the future China's import of sulfur resources. Sulfur is a kind of important chemical products and basic industrial raw material, widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, pesticide, rubber, fuel and other industrial departments, and now the price of sulfur is picking up, there is a lot of economic value, so the recovery of sulfur in wet metallurgy slag is very be necessary.

of desulfurization by wet metallurgy equipment its reason mainly lies in:
1) Simple process, high separation efficiency.
    2) In the same principle can solve the problem of different separation in many different situations;
    3) Energy-saving, generally no phase transition in the process of membrane separation, thus reducing the energy consumption;
    4) Operation can be done at room temperature, basically is suitable for dealing with some of the heat sensitive material;
    5) Operation process does not produce new pollution, but also from the three wastes recovery of useful substances, reduce the pollution level.
metallurgical industry belongs to the industrial raw materials, and hydrometallurgy of object basically is the comprehensive utilization of resources, especially for the low grade, complicated as isolation and extraction of difficult dressing more shows its superiority. Combined with the characteristics of mineral resources in China, especially the advantage of non-ferrous metals and rare metals, vigorously promote the development and application of new technology of hydrometallurgy, the resource advantage into industry advantage, in addition to meet the needs of the domestic economic construction, can also play a major role in export. Therefore, strengthening the hydrometallurgy discipline new technology, new technology application and development of basic research is of great significance.
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