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Wet method extracting equipment machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction recovery of zinc manganese metal ions

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Batteries contain many valuable and toxic metals, such as zinc, manganese, nickel, cadmium, lithium and mercury, etc. With the upgrading of electronic products, battery consumption is growing rapidly, these batteries a large number of accumulation, waste battery recycling has become increasingly urgent. Solvent extraction is a mature technology of hydrometallurgy, dilute solution on metals with high recovery rate, tianyi extraction. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine using solvent extraction from the waste battery recycling extracting zinc manganese metal ions.
ZnSO4, MnSO4 solution with concentrated sulfuric acid to adjust PH value, and mixed with the extracting agent in. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine in centrifugal split phase.
effects of zinc, manganese ion extraction ratio
1, the influence of extractant due to metal ions in strong alkaline, neutral and acid oxygen extraction agent is the choice of appropriate object. The results of the study, and general metal extraction is similar, phosphorus acid oxygen extraction agent of a class ( P204) Better extraction effect and strong alkaline components ( Zn2 +) Priority extracted into the organic phase; Under acid condition. Class can obviously improve the neutral phosphorus oxygen extraction solvent for extraction effect of Zn2 +.
2, the effects of extractant concentration increases with the concentration of extractant, Zn2 + and Mn2 + D value increase, high concentrated � � � an extraction agent to improve extraction rate; Along with the increase of balance aqueous phase metal ion concentration c, D value is on the decline, it is a typical feature of chemical extraction. Is worth to mention is that with P204 and the reaction between the metal ions, ion exchange, and priority for Zn2 + alkaline stronger than the Mn2 + and the extraction, extractant concentration can not only increase the rate of extraction, but also can improve the Zn2 + priority weights of extraction.
3, the influence of the diluent kinds choose polar and nonpolar two kinds of diluents, the toluene and n-hexane, diluent effects on the extraction equilibrium experiment was carried out research, studies have shown that small of n-hexane in the polarity of thinner when equilibrium distribution coefficient is greater than the strong polarity of toluene system, by contrast, in n-hexane, zinc extraction selectivity is greater. This phenomenon may be due to the thinner force is strong with P204 will reduce P204 extraction for metal share may go. No matter from the cost of extraction solvent and extraction effect is considered, nonpolar diluent is preferred choice of object.
4, the influence of PH value in general, the phosphorus class oxygen extraction solvent for the extraction of the metal cation exchange mechanism, the higher the PH of the solution to improve the extraction rate of metal ions. PH balance of P204 extraction Zn2 + and Mn2 + research results show that the oxygen and other phosphorus class is similar to the result of extraction solvent extraction of metal ions, PH value had a great influence on the extraction equilibrium, raise the PH of the solution, the extraction of Zn2 + and Mn2 + distribution coefficient increased significantly; Mn2 +, by contrast, the results of the distribution coefficient of variation is greater than the Zn2 +; At the same time, the smaller the extractant concentration, under the condition of high ph value, can get the same extraction effect. In the process of the practical application, consider optimal selection P204 concentration and the PH of the solution.

of zinc manganese mixed ion extraction and separation of simulated waste battery zinc, manganese, and different concentrations of zinc manganese double solute solution, using P204 / kerosene as extractant, double solute the extraction equilibrium experiments, the results show that similar with the results of the single solute, P204 extraction of zinc priority, with the increase of solute concentration, zinc, manganese extraction selectivity of a downward trend; Compare the results of concentration of extractant in low concentration range, selective as objective function, existence of the optimal extraction agent, along with the increase of solute concentration, high concentration of zinc, manganese selectivity of P204, this may is associated with the stoichiometric saturation concentration of extraction solvent.
days use. cwl - extraction M type centrifugal extraction machine extraction separation of waste battery in the zinc and manganese metal ions on the environment pollution-free, is the waste battery treatment equipment.
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