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Wet zinc smelting in hydrometallurgy extraction in addition to iron

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Wet zinc smelting in hydrometallurgy extraction technology on the iron, the wet zinc smelting often adopt the method of hot acid leaching of zinc calcine, the first paragraph about 80% with waste electrolyte leaching zinc, residual heat sulfuric acid leaching zinc ferrite by paragraph 2, almost all the zinc dissolution, iron into the solution at the same time, so before zinc electric product must in addition to iron, the common method to iron removal with jarosite method, goethite and hematite method, these methods are improved, with the extraction method also has a hope in addition to iron.
with carboxylic acid extraction to remove iron in the zinc sulfate solution is feasible, and its deficiency is to use the alkali and acid due to extraction of iron release, it will increase cost due to the consumption of alkali, but this problem can use the. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine in the patent method to solve, also is to make use of the alkaline zinc calcine leaching calcine directly with V911 extraction agent, and organic facies iron zinc sulfate solution with zinc load exchanged extraction, wet zinc smelting in hydrometallurgy extraction iron reaction is very simple, and the heterogeneous carboxylic acid extraction agent under this temperature is stable, no signs of degradation and can renewable organic phase, the process flow diagram as shown in the figure below:
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