Copper solvent extraction reagent, Nickel Cobalt extractant, D2EHPA & Rare earth leaching solvent

What about the minimum order quantity of chemical reagent in Deyuan?
Chemical reagent minimal order amount has been the very first thing requested by our customers that are new. It's negotiable and largely depends upon your requirements. The openness and ability to supply customers with small amounts have been among our points of distinction in our rivalry for decades. Thanks for your interest in dealing with Zhengzhou Deyuan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd..
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As the primary provider of molybdenum reagent, Deyuan is reliable. The copper solvent series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Deyuan chemical reagent supplier has undergone workmanship assessment to ensure that the stitching, construction, and embellishments can be up to the international clothing standards. Deyuan's customer service team has the right skills for managing customers’ needs.
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We are a client-focused enterprise. We believe our success derives from a deep and comprehensive understanding of clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and product value.

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