Copper solvent extraction reagent, Nickel Cobalt extractant, D2EHPA & Rare earth leaching solvent

What are raw materials for wholesale solvent production?
As an important part of producing an exquisite wholesale solvent , high-quality raw materials selection is essential for the producer. Besides that, the raw materials also have a great influence on its price, which is one of the important factor taken into buyer's consideration. The quality of raw materials should be attached great importance as well as its great durability. Before being processed, raw materials should be tested strictly. This is aimed at guaranteeing quality of it.
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For many decades, Zhengzhou Deyuan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the fabrication of copper solvent. The complexing agent series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The product consumes little energy. It has the Energy Star label which is the mark of energy-saving certification, confirming that it will not consume too much energy. Deyuan is committed to achieve optimal service results.
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Highly competent teams are the backbone of our company. Their high-performance work results in the superior performance of the company, which translates into a significant competitive advantage.

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