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What are the advantages of the extraction separation equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-07-27

material mixing other small matter want purification using extraction separation equipment, extraction equipment is the use of high-speed operation of the strong centrifugal force and extraction agent to cooperate to complete extraction, low price and high quality of extraction separation equipment can meet the production requirements of the major manufacturers, extraction separation equipment and has advantages of which can finish the purification work better? A, good sealing performance inside the extraction separation equipment in operation will produce strong pressure difference, if the machine sealing is not good or in use process not completely shut, strong internal pressure difference can make the machine blasting materials will also be rained down, so the extraction separation equipment must have the precision of sealing performance to ensure production safety, must also ensure complete sealing before initiating the lid. Second, less dosage of extraction solvent to extract the purity of can have better effect at the time of production will be placed in the machine extraction solvent, extraction agent as part of the consumables is daily spending, extraction separation equipment of the same component materials used less extraction agent, but there is no difference, the effect of the extraction and speed and vendors for devices that need a lot of use can save lot of cost. Three, a high degree of automation extraction separation equipment from incoming purification to discharge realized automation, without a lot of human resources to complete the separation of materials. Material can directly and is discharged by the pipeline within the pipe into the machine, can be set in advance good dosage and time continuous repetitive automatic feeding. Only need to fill the extraction agent to prevent extraction agent runs out. Where a greater degree of extraction separation equipment automation production is much more to the attention of large enterprises. Extraction separation equipment to achieve good sealing, low material consumption, high degree of automation features to get more favour, in use process to be executed in strict accordance with the standard operation process, for large machine running there can be no slack, in use to check the remaining quantity of parts and extraction agent, can add extraction agent timely replacement of damaged parts in time.
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