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What are the precautions for using the large capacity of centrifuge

by:Deyuan      2020-07-28

it is well known that large capacity centrifuge is a lot of industry research project used a special apparatus, especially in biochemistry, blood stations, biological products, pharmaceutical products and agricultural scientific research institutes such as utilization rate is higher, because actually solution separation and enrichment than with machines, so must be used in the performance stability of large capacity centrifuge pay attention to the following. Placed a, pay attention to the instrument is in accordance with the requirements of large capacity centrifuge industry research unit machine, so the accuracy of the device and use effect is essential for any industry, and the factors which affect quality and durable super capacity centrifuge is a little more important, that is to pay attention to the resettlement of centrifuge position, because of the large capacity centrifuge is a kind of sophisticated equipment, so must be placed from outside to inside is to do well, especially the instrument casing shall be properly placed more, because the machine once be affected with damp be affected with damp, accident will happen. Second, pay attention to keep the environment without sundry any machine operation will be affected by the external environment, especially the liquid in the environment of dust and debris into larger, the influence of the large capacity of centrifuge is a kind of very important precision instruments, so any impurity in the external environment can cause the machine to pollution or dysfunctional, while the solution is in the process of use at any time to control or supervise machine running environment. Three attention focus on alarm prompt, indeed, in many years ago is multi-purpose centrifuge lacking in terms of function, this leads to problems in the process of running machine and fail to understand, so now the super capacity centrifuge are with many programs alarm facilities, if the machine is running in the process of problems will call the police, and the operator even if the observation and understanding of the alarm condition can ensure the machine no problem. Because of the large capacity of centrifuge use effect and use the results of the accuracy is very critical, so the stand or fall of the use effect of the machine will not only affected by the machine itself performance, it also matters need to be aware of and use with large associations, as a result, the user must always keep in mind when using using the matters needing attention of the machine.
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