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What is the selection principle of extractant?

by:Deyuan      2021-01-13

① Immiscible with the solvent in the original solution
② The solubility of the solute is much greater than the original solvent
③ Not easy to volatilize
④ The extractant cannot react with the solvent of the original solution. The separatory funnel extracts the common extractants benzene, carbon tetrachloride, alcohol, kerosene, and gasoline. Don't forget that water is the cheapest and most accessible extraction.

Is there any danger in P507 extractant?

P507 is an acidic phosphorus-based extractant. Its full name is 2-ethylhexyl phosphate mono-2-ethylhexyl ester. It is a colorless or slightly yellow oily transparent liquid.

The main functions of the extractant are: separating the main metal and impurity metal ions, enriching the concentration of the main metal ion, purifying the metal ion, changing the type of anion, etc.

Is there any danger in the extraction agent p507? the answer is negative. In fact, the toxicity of p507 is not strong. If the airtightness of the extraction equipment is not good or the ventilation on site is not good, it will smell bad at best. It will not have any great harm or impact on the body. It is low toxicity and bitter taste.

In addition, extractants are mainly used in non-ferrous metal hydrometallurgy industries, such as copper, zinc, cobalt nickel, cadmium, gold and silver, platinum metals, rare earths and other industries.

Metal extractants are mainly seven kinds of common hydrogen ions such as phosphoric acid, ammonium salt, benzene, etc., or hydroxyl groups are replaced by long-chain alkyl groups. When the metal is combined with these extractants, it becomes a metal organic compound and dissolves in an organic solvent.

Due to the different binding abilities of various metals with these extractants, the sequence of extracting metals by these extractants is different, thereby separating these metal ions.

Finally, Zhengzhou Deyuan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. can tell you very seriously that P507 extractant has almost no danger, because this extractant is widely used in industry, such as P204 extracting zinc, indium, iron, etc.

They are basically pure, but a diluent, such as kerosene, must be added during use to reduce the viscosity of the extracted organic matter for separation.
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