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Xi: promoting the construction of 'area' in depth

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on September 27th afternoon the g20 leaders' summit and the global governance system reform of collective learning 35 times. CPC Central Committee general secretary xi jinping stressed that when learning the host with the international balance of power can shift and in increasing global challenges, and to strengthen global governance, global governance system is the trend of The Times change. We should seize the opportunity, for those routes, push towards a more just and reasonable international order, better maintenance of our country and the common interests of developing countries, to achieve & other; Two one hundred & throughout; Goals, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation of China's dream to create a more favorable external conditions, in order to promote the lofty cause of human peace and development to make greater contributions.

xi jinping spoke when learning the host. The 18th party congress, he said, we seize the opportunities, the initiative as, resolutely safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN charter as the core of the international order, and resolutely safeguard the Chinese people with people sacrifice for winning the second world war, put forward & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Initiative, to launch a new type multilateral financial institutions such as the Asian infrastructure investment bank, contribute to the international monetary fund (imf) to complete the share reform and governance mechanism, actively participate in the ocean, polar, network, outer space, nuclear safety, anti-corruption, emerging areas such as climate change governance rules, push forward the reform of the arrangement of the injustice in the global governance system is not reasonable.

xi jinping stressed that the pattern of global governance depends on the international balance of power, global governance system change from the international balance of power. We must insist on economic development as the center, focus on do a good job in their own things, continue to increase the strength of we speak on international business. We should take an active part in global governance, active international responsibility, but also want to try my best, our strengths.

xi jinping pointed out that with the development of era don't adapt to the current global governance system more and more, the international community to change the call for global governance system is higher and higher. Global governance system is the international community change, want to hold to discuss sharing principle, make claims about global governance system change into the parties to the agreement, form a consistent action. Insist on as the voice of developing countries, to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with developing countries.

xi stressed that to put the things you can do, put first things first has formed a wide consensus. Current, to expand the hangzhou summit achievement, consolidate and g20 global economic governance main platform play a good role, promote the g20 to long-term governance mechanism transformation. To further promote & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction, promote the parties to strengthen the planning and strategy. To deepen the cooperation of Shanghai cooperation organization, strengthen the cica, east Asia summit, asean regional BBS mechanisms such as construction, integration of regional free trade negotiation framework. To increase for emerging areas such as network, polar, deep sea and outer space rules, increase education exchanges and dialogue among civilizations, ecological construction and other fields of cooperation mechanism and project support.

xi jinping pointed out that since the eighteenth congress, we put forward the practice of proper combination, promote to build win-win cooperation as the core of the new international relations, to create human destiny community, to build their partnership network all over the world, advocating common, integration, cooperation, sustainable security concept, and so on. These ideas are widely welcome the international community. Will continue to explain to the international community of our global governance system's change idea, insist on cooperation instead of confrontation, to a win-win situation, to win more, and don't win, win-win consistently seek the greatest common divisor, expand cooperation, to guide the parties consensus, strengthen coordination and cooperation, jointly promote the global governance system change. Xi stressed that to improve the ability to participate in global governance, strengthen the rules, agenda setting, public opinion propaganda, overall coordination ability. Participate in global governance requires a large number of familiar with the party and state policies and regulations, understand the situation of our country, with the global vision, good command of a foreign language, familiar with international rules, professionals proficient in international negotiations. To strengthen the talent team construction of global governance, break through the talent bottleneck, completes the talent pool, provide powerful talents support for our country to participate in global governance.
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