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Xi: the G20 is determined to improve the global economic and financial governance to improve the risk resistance ability of the world economy

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Hangzhou summit of g20 leaders continue to hold the
xi the chairman presided over the meeting and closing address
emphasized that there is a new starting point in hangzhou summit
let the g20 out
the g20 leaders hangzhou summit held in hangzhou international expo center continue to 5. The meeting hosted by President xi jinping and closing speech.
in the second, three, four, five phase meeting, members and guests, head of the leaders and international organizations are more efficient global economic and financial governance, strong, inclusive and linkage development international trade and investment issues such as an in-depth exchange of views, to discuss climate change, refugees, terrorism, global public health and other influence the other outstanding issues of the world economy, reached broad consensus.
5 PM in the afternoon, the summit ended. Xi jinping pointed out in the closing speech, through the warm and fruitful discussion in the joint efforts of the g20 summit in hangzhou reached many important consensus.
first of all, we are determined to indicate the direction for the world economy, the path planning. In the face of the current world economic risks and challenges, we will continue to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination and communication, promoting solidarity, cooperation, win-win partnership, build consensus, mix, promoting strong, sustainable and balanced world economy, inclusive growth. To administer thoroughly, integrated ShiCe, use good fiscal, monetary, structural reform and other effective policy tool, to transfer the g20 to the international community members to promote global economic growth positive signal.
in the second place, we are committed to innovative growth way, for the world economy of energy ( 310328, fund it) 。 We all passed the blueprint of the g20 innovation growth, support science and technology innovation as the core, drive the development of ideas, systems and mechanisms, business model innovation and all-dimensional, multi-tiered and wide-ranging, promote innovation achievements communication sharing. We decided to vigorously promote structural reform, opening up a new path for global growth, improve long-term growth potential of the world economy.
the third, we are determined to improve the global economic and financial governance, enhance the risk resistance ability of the world economy. We agreed to continue to promote international financial institutions to share and governance structure reform, strengthen the implementation of the various financial reform measures, jointly maintain the international financial market stability. We have accessibility, renewable energy and energy efficiency to work out the action plan, will continue to deepen anti-corruption cooperation reached many consensus.
4, we are determined to restore the role of international trade and investment in the two engines, build an open world economy. We make joint 'g20 global trade growth strategy' and the first multilateral investment rules framework the g20 global investment guidelines. Continue to support the multilateral trade system, repeated promises against protectionism. Looking forward to international trade and investment in strong, driven by the world economy will be.
5, we are determined to promote the development of tolerance and linkage type, let the g20 cooperation to benefit the world. We first, it gives priority to development in global macroeconomic policy framework, the first is to carry out the sustainable development of the 2030 UN agenda plan of action, and agreed to push the Paris agreement comes into effect as soon as possible, by the g20 to support African industrial initiative and least developed countries and the global infrastructure interconnectivity union initiative, will bring tangible benefits for people in developing countries, for the common development of all mankind.
xi stressed that the g20 is necessary to further from crisis response mechanism to the long-term governance mechanism transformation, from the emphasis on short-term policy to the short medium and long term policies and transformation. We are determined to force support the g20 to continue to focus on the world economy faces the most outstanding, the most important, the most pressing challenges, strengthen policy coordination and improve mechanisms construction, solid foundation to carry out the results, leading the world economy to achieve strong, sustainable and balanced, inclusive growth.
xi thanked the parties to promote world economic growth and made contribution to the development of the g20. Xi jinping pointed out that in our joint efforts, the leaders of the g20 summit in hangzhou has achieved fruitful results, drew a satisfactory full stop. Believe that the meeting will be a new starting point, let the g20 from hangzhou again.
in 2017, Hamburg, German chancellor Angela merkel is introduced to host the g20 presidency summit assumptions and consideration.
the meeting by the leaders of the g20 summit in hangzhou gazette.
wang huning, wang Yang, chestnut gauntlet, Yang attended the related activities.
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