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Zinc alloy window advantages and disadvantages of analysis and reference price

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
To do a good job security, not only to install security doors, also need to install the window. Only the door and window protection work is done, to ensure the security of indoor. We both in household, shopping malls and office is in use, is used most widely aluminium alloy window, zinc alloy window now gradually become the mainstream. Zinc alloy window it had many advantages, such as what why can obtain the affirmation of the market? What is the disadvantage of zinc alloy window?

the advantages of the zinc alloy window

1, the zinc alloy window installation is very convenient, it doesn't need welding, design became a packaged, use special fixed installation, so can make installation work quickly.

2, zinc alloy window through four layers anticorrosive processing, through experimental test can be used more than 20 years, it is not easy to rust, pulverization, cracks, bean don't need maintenance, reduce the cost of this part.

3, zinc alloy window also has a good decorative, its color is rich, the user can choose according to his be fond of of different colors and styles, meet the personalized needs.

4, environmental protection is an important inspection standard, now all material zinc alloy is a kind of material, use it won't cause pollution to the environment.

5, the flexibility of the zinc alloy window is strong, good rigidity and flexible will make its shock resistance. Such products can become excellent guardrail products.

6, the surface of the zinc alloy window using electrostatic spraying, do a layer of imitation porcelain face, it not only protect the internal base material, also gives the product self-cleaning performance, the impact it can restore bright and clean with water.

7, zinc alloy window also has excellent weather resistance, salt fog resistance, resistance to hot and humid, any region can be used, don't worry about the bad weather damage to it.

the disadvantage of zinc alloy window

1, the maximum of zinc alloy to point is the surface bubbles easily. Zinc alloy die casting material if it is nonsense, on the surface of a thin bubble, it is easy to after polishing is very obvious. This affects not only its beautiful, susceptible to corrosion and air bubbles, let internal damage. Corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance of zinc alloy is better than aluminum alloy, surface treatment layer under the condition of complete are not affected. If there is a bubble, destroyed the surface layer, is easy to decay.

2, zinc alloy window now manufacturers a lot, but some manufacturer production technology is not up to standard, product looks nice at first, use for a period of time after surface treatment layer falls off, internal material erosion. Zinc alloy window when you choose and buy must look for the normal manufacturer of the product.

zinc alloy window reference price

the zinc alloy window can do outdoor style, also can do indoor design, when the choose and buy most with customized way, manufacturers directly to the measured data in the home, then. Also can buy zinc alloy window, and then install workers install computer lessons.

the price of zinc alloy window market price in 65 yuan to 120 yuan per square metre. Differences in price and material is qualitative, shape design, color design and so on all are linked. Again around the market situation is different, must be in the local inquiry more understanding of the average selling price.

epilogue: zinc alloy window is a window products has been widely used now, a lot of government units, authority departments to install it, its superior performance received the affirmation of the market. Zinc alloy window in terms of price, some more affordable than aluminium alloy window, performance must be also not bad, but it is no wonder that can replace aluminium alloy window.
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