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Zinc hydrometallurgy extraction nickel, drill,

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Zinc hydrometallurgy extraction nickel, drill,
in 2005, there are two kinds of test in SGS Lakefield recycling nickel, drill, the method of zinc. The first method is one of the traditional 'mixed hydroxide precipitation method, will be of valuable metal recycling in the same product. The second method is to use the method of extraction separate drill, zinc and nickel, then selective extraction drill and zinc. Pure nickel, drill, zinc solution with Mg0 precipitation production pure hydroxide products ( Zinc or zinc direct export to chemical industry) 。

mixed hydroxide precipitation results mixed hydroxide precipitation process using two precipitation recycling nickel and drill. In the first paragraph, nearly 82% of the nickel and drill Mg0 precipitation, the sediment after thick, filtering, washing, sent to the dealer. After the rest of the nickel, drilling with lime precipitation, the formation of gypsum, mixed hydroxyl. The precipitation and return solution to dissolve nickel and drill again. All into the final solution of zinc hydroxide precipitation.
MgO style to precipitate nickel:
NiSO4 + MgO style + H2O = Ni ( 哦) 2 + MgSO4
MgO style sedimentation drill:
CaSO4 + MgO style + H2O = Co ( 哦) 2 + MgSO4
Mg0 depositing zinc:
ZnSO4 + MgO style + H2O = zinc ( 哦) 2 + MgSO4
the remaining nickel with lime precipitation:
NiSO4 + CaO + 3 h2o = Ni ( 哦) 2 + CaSO4 · 2 h2o
the remaining zinc with lime precipitation:
ZnSO4 + CaO + 3 h2o = zinc ( 哦) 2 + CaSO4 · 2 h2o
residual drill with lime precipitation:
CaSO4 + CaO + 3 h2o = Ca ( 哦) 2 + CaSO4 · 2 h2o
mixed sediments are high purity, and sent to the dealer or refined products together, and eventually separated into pure nickel and pure drill, or by-products. Mix of hydroxide precipitation analysis results are shown in table So
in addition to the MgSO4
NorthMet ore and concentrate containing some magnesite silicate content. In the process of high temperature autoclave leaching concentration, part of magnesium by leaching. In addition, in using magnesium nickel precipitation and drilling process, it will also lead to the rise of magnesium content in the circulating solution. To control the accumulation of magnesium in the solution, the introduction of magnesium lime in addition to the process in the loop. Magnesium sulfate and lime reacts Mg ( 哦) 2 and gypsum.
with lime precipitation MgSO4 reactive:
MgSO4 + CaO + 3 h4o = Mg ( 哦) 2 + CaSO4 · 2 hao
except MgSO MgSOa is to control the entire loop, accumulation. In half an industrial test each loop precipitation MgSOa nearly 50%, keep MgSOa balance.

PolyMet mine NorthMet project progress is very good, after get the license key to start the construction. NorthMet project will usher in a new milestone in sorting out the export of copper concentrate and nickel concentrates, then realize the commercial production of wet leaching circuit, mixed concentrate leaching.
PLATSOL ™ method will be used to concentrate. PLATSOL ™ will all valuable metals in pressurized leaching method with high leaching rate of dissolution, followed by A series of precipitation and extraction/bioleaching recycling the final metal products, commercial chemical plant of the final product will include: the LME grade A standard copper cathode; Au and precious metal deposits to further processing; Mixed hydroxide Ni, Co, zinc precipitation; Synthesis of gypsum.
the current design is with 32 000 t ore, through reconstruction at Erie on processing factory, the new metal wet refineries are extracted. Figure 9 shows how to rebuild in the existing facilities at Erie factory wet treatment plants.
at Erie factory existing production capacity of about three times the capacity of the plan. Can pass NorthMet further exploration of existing resources, or deal with the area of other possible resources for capacity expansion. Extends beyond the current production license of expansion will involve additional permission of eia.
complex ore and concentrate wet process opens the possibility of using new and valuable metals in production. Reviewed PLATSOL ™ technology research and development case, in a process of research and integration of new science and technology can cause potential change. PLATSOL ™ technology pioneered a new way of dealing with NorthMet PolyMet mine ore.
in the oxygen pressure leaching conditions to join a small amount of chlorine, but rarely can allow you to directly extract content value high Pt, Pd and Au. This novel process with existing Cu, Ni/C. And precious metals recycling method, the combination of evolution processing NorthMet ore new hydrometallurgical.
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