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Zinc hydrometallurgy extraction of indium

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
In hydrometallurgy of zinc, indium when roasting is mainly in the form of indium trioxide in calcine, when calcine leaching, 90% of indium in the leaching residue, if use process in rotary kiln, the leaching residue, most of indium evaporate into the smoke of zinc oxide; If use hot acid leaching, most of indium in acid dipping, the solution of the indium in iron vitriol method or goethite method in addition to iron, iron to iron slag in vanadium slag or needle.
the used more indium in the zinc hydrometallurgy extraction, such as extraction of indium in sulfuric acid medium, can choose P204 extraction agent, the indium extraction solvent extraction technology has been successfully used in industry practice, P204 quantitative extraction of indium in sulphuric acid concentration in a wide range, the extraction rate is correlated with the concentration of sulfuric acid. Practice has proved that using P204 extracting indium, using 0. 56 - 0. 66 mol/L sulfuric acid solution for better bottom liquid, when using P204-30% Kerosene as the organic phase, the triple extraction, extraction of indium can be completed, get loaded organic phase.
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